In my art practice I work with painting, film and performance. I investigate the role of the artist on the labor market, and I investigate the performativeness of painting by staging the painting process and documenting it through photograph and film.

The static painting which is a result of a painting process indicates a gesture, a trace of an action. The documentation of the painting process is a flow of images about image-making, and by documenting the work I question, what the artwork is. Is the artwork the process itself, the documentation, or the static painting left behind? 

When I work with painting performances in exhibition contexts, I follow a working schedule derived from normal working hours of society, and through predetermined rules of how to produce the painting, I stage myself as a painter i.e. a laborer at work, questioning artistic labor within a working structure of our contemporary, and I question whether art production can be made within structured and systemized working routines similar to the working conditions of contemporary working life.