In my art practice I explore different processes when working with painting. I work in two fields of painting; with the easel painting in the studio and the wallpainting in public institutions or spaces.

When I work with public artworks in e.g. a gallery context the wallpainting comes alive through performances during the exhibitions opening hours. When I examine the easel painting I investigate the boundaries between painting as an image and as a sculpture or an object.

In my work I examine the potential of painting through abstraction made with the gestures of rhythms, signs, symbols, color, form, harmony and sounds. All of the elements I use to create a painting are made within systems and rules, that I set up before or during the work process. Often I look upon the outcome or product of a day’s work, and the relation of the labor to the value of the work. 

Within the different work processes, which I investigate, I find that the contemplating moments and the unconscious movements of the mind and body/hand, happens in the act when repeating a schematized workprocess; abstraction for me, happens on the unconscious level within the system. In my work I draw my inspiration from the working man’s rhythmic and slavic movements of manual labor, reflecting on the body as an instrument of repetition and scale, thereby using my body as a tool.

October 2017.