This video documents a wallpainting made in 4 days (a total of 37 hours) in the gallery space of ‘TEGN: Art-space’ in September 2017. The work is a collaboration between myself and TEGN: Art-space.

When I heard that the gallery were about to move into a bigger space, I immediately contacted TEGN: Art-space to do a collaboration piece about the characteristic red and white candy-striped walls that they are known for.

I decided to follow all rules set up by TEGN: Art-space, thus taking the role of a construction painter. So for the first time when doing an art piece, I chose to follow someone else’s rules instead of my own, making the ownership of the art piece hard to determine.

The rules of the stripes: the width should be 8,7cm and the angle should be 55 degrees from the floor.

The titel of the work refers to the basic income rate of a construction painter hired by a Master in 2017 in Denmark: 123 dkr. per hour.